2016 was a year of changes for Clarity Finances and me personally. I was able to achieve my goal of moving somewhere warm and sunny near the beach back in July by moving to Tampa, Florida. This included creating a second company – the Florida corporation for Clarity Finances—so two locations/two companies. I have been traveling to Pennsylvania monthly which included a visit with family before Christmas. I wrote about my move to Florida in a blog post back in September that you can read here.

I attended a number of networking events throughout 2016, but the one that had the biggest impact on me was ProfitCON16. I was really looking forward to attending this conference because I am a big fan of the host’s work. The 2016 ProfitCON focused on Mike Michalowicz’ book Profit First and his new book Surge. There were two separate blog posts dedicated to ProfitCON. My first post gave a brief introduction to Michalowicz and his books and what I expected from the event. In the second blog post I reflected on my time at ProfitCON16. I met a ton of great like-minded individuals, listened to many informative speakers and came away with some ideas for my own business and ideas that I can share with my clients to increase their profitability as well.

Around Thanksgiving I reflected on what it really means to be grateful. The holidays can really put things in perspective and this year around Thanksgiving, I really wanted to look in to what it means to be grateful. By looking at gratitude for what it really is and the effects that it can have, I gained an even greater appreciation for what I have and those with whom I surround myself.

Speaking of taking a closer look at things, 2016 was a year for the Summer Olympics. As much as I enjoy the Olympics every four years, I took a closer look at things from a financial perspective and wondered if my home city would really want to host the Olympic games.

Now I am looking ahead to what I hope to accomplish in 2017. A big theme for me this year is receiving. Giving and receiving go together. I have a huge heart for giving but to give big, I am learning that I need to receive as well. None of my friends doing big things have done it alone. They have teams working with them and supportive friends and family encouraging them. Whether they acknowledge God or if they just feel it in their gut, they realize someone or something bigger than themselves is helping as well and that listening to those intuitive thoughts is helpful is the decision-making process.


My hope is that my learning to receive more will translate in you receiving more.


Wishing you a joyful, prosperous and fun 2017!