Success Stories

We Love Our Clients

Moira, Bluebeards Original

Clarity Finances is the best bookkeeping service I’ve had the pleasure of working with. They are extremely knowledgeable about Quickbooks (and all things related to bookkeeping), reliable and very personable. I am a partner in two small businesses, and my time to devote to bookkeeping is very limited.

My favorite things about Julie (outside of her mastery of Quickbooks) is that she is efficient and does what she says she’s going to do. I can count on her to keep our books running during the year, so that at tax time there are no surprises and no downtime.

I have worked with several bookkeepers during the last 10 years, with mixed results. Typically, they would be responsive, or knowledgeable, or reliable, but not all three. I just wish I had found Clarity Finances years ago.

Luke, In Site Firearms & Law Enforcement Supplies

I love working with Clarity Finances because they are honest, responsible and trustworthy.  For me, that is crucial when selecting someone to help me with my books.  I love knowing that my business is in good hands with Julie Shopa and the Clarity Finances team

William R. Noll CPA, Noll & Company Inc

I have worked with many bookkeepers over the years. Too many bookkeepers are trying to create work that doesn’t add value to the business where they are engaged in order to increase their pay and importance.

Clarity Finances is the rare bookkeeping company whose goal is to provide efficient and cost effective bookkeeping services for their clients. In addition they provide professional level services that are unrivaled by other bookkeepers.

I have heartily recommended Clarity Finances to be a bookkeeper to several very important clients and I have never been disappointed by my recommendation.

Jennifer, Worldwide Incorporators LTD

Julie has simplified our bookkeeping process and keeps us organized. As I always say, “stick to what you know and let the experts do what they do!”

Before working with Julie, we were several months behind in our reporting and record-keeping. As a small business owner, I wear many hats and am happy to pass this role to Julie. Julie’s expertise is super valuable!

Our reports are now reconciled and up to date. Julie is responsive, organized and her services are priced competitively.

Brian, Waverly Partners

Before I started working with Julie of Clarity Finances, I was struggling with using Quicken at home for multiple bank accounts and credit cards. I was inefficient and not using the system to its potential.

Julie helped me organize and link my accounts so that I was much more efficient. Julie is technically strong and a good communicator. She helped me fix my problems. Since Julie started working with me I have found that I get more done in less time.