When you’re experiencing EXPLOSIVE GROWTH you need to support your financial development with accurate and up to date information AT ALL TIMES. For companies on the rise, knowing whether you are making or losing money daily is paramount. Clarity Finances provides personalized service and custom-made packages to suit your unique business needs that gives you access to financial information with the click of a button. Whether you require a QuickBooks clean-up, staff training or daily maintenance and reporting; Clarity Finances can help.

You Are…

A Global Growth Firm

Your business has expanded and you work with people from all over the world. You are comfortable using technology for sharing information because you do it all the time. Online accounting software is a no-brainer for you. At the same time, you realize your time is better spent serving current clients and looking for new clients than doing the routine updating of accounting software.

A Mega Growth Firm

Your business is growing like crazy. Debit or credit cards get swiped daily. Maybe you wonder why a customer hasn’t paid only to realize you still have to create and send the invoice. A major concern is knowing if there is enough money in the bank to cover expenses, payroll, and paying yourself.

A Rising Entrepreneur

You know that as a business owner, you need to have accurate financial information. Getting new clients is the priority for you. You have realized that if you took the time you spent on tracking the money in and out and used it to get a new client, you would make more than the cost of paying an expert to track the money for you.

You Need…

A bookkeeping team to partner with you every step of the way from proper setup to documenting your accounting processes to effectively delegating and overseeing those processes to collaborating with other experts you may need as you grow.


  • Allocate Monthly Transactions
  • Monthly and Quarterly reporting including profit and loss statement and balance sheet
  • Monthly reconciling of bank and credit card statements
  • Accounts Receivable-invoicing, payment posting
  • Accounts Payable-enter bills, pay bills
  • Setup and maintain general ledger
  • Assistance with budgeting
  • Monthly consultation call to review financial data and refine accounting processes

Cleanup (Catchup)

Life happens and for a busy business owner it is the bookkeeping that often gets put on the back burner. Clarity Finances wants to help get you back on track (and keep you there!)  We specialize in multiple year bookkeeping projects that require either cleaning up existing data that may be incorrect or completely recreating the books from source documents like bank and credit card statements.


We love to show how QuickBooks can make your business more profitable. Sometimes this is simply a little training in the program or a few tweeks to procedures for greater efficiency.  Other times we talk about integrating QuickBooks with other applications to get specific information for a particular business. As consultants, we encourage and assist our clients with documenting the accounting processes. This means you can pass the bookkeeping off to someone else as needed rather than having it get behind.