“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Melody Beattie


This is the time of year when we are extra thankful. Thankful for our families that we will eat too much turkey with on Thursday. Thankful for the friends that we’ll run into at the local watering hole who are home for the holidays (Thanksgiving Eve is commonly known as the busiest bar night of the year). Thankful for the clients and jobs we have.

This is a trope that is always brought up around this time of year, but it struck me more so this year in particular. I recently spent three days at The Mindset Retreat. Fabienne Fredrickson, the founder of BoldHeart Academy, formerly The Client Attraction Business School, of which I am a member, hosted the retreat. At this retreat we were shown the true power of being grateful.

According to a Harvard Health Publications article, expressing gratitude helps people connect to something larger than their individual selves. The article cites that in positive psychology research, gratitude is strongly associated with greater happiness. Other studies have shown though that the association of expressing gratitude cannot totally prove cause and effect and that “gratitude is an attainment associated with emotional maturity.”

Two hands on sunsut.

This whole idea of the relationship of gratitude and happiness were ever-present at the Mindset Retreat. Cris, another student, came up with #YouHaveAChoice. We choose our thoughts and feelings. Although we may not be able to control our circumstance or those around us, we can do our best to change the way we feel to the positive and gratitude is a great tool for doing that.

We need to have a greater appreciation for what we already have and to not dwell on the things that we do not have. This needs to be exercised not just during this time of the year, but year-round and every day. Among the many things I learned at the Mindset Retreat was that you pretty much get what you think about. In psychology this is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Whatever way you choose to express your gratitude, not just on Thanksgiving, but every day, remember that you are doing more than a kind gesture. You are enriching your life and the life of those with whom you surround yourself.

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All of us here at Clarity Finances want you to know we appreciate you and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!