While reading the news the other day, I came upon an article about how many investors are leaving the Northeast for Florida. The reason why this caught my attention was because it was as if the article was speaking directly to me! I had recently made the move myself to the Tampa area from the Northeast.

For years, the Sunshine State has attracted people from the northeast of the United States. While many people will associate moving to Florida with retirement, people of all walks of life make the move.

Florida has no income tax with regulated real estate taxes. From a business standpoint, the low taxes alone can be a persuasive reason to move there. While low taxes are all and good, beaches and sunshine are better. Coming from the northeast, where winters can be long and frigid, the near-constant sun of Florida is a welcome sight.

When it came to my own personal move to Florida, many of the aforementioned perks were involved. I’ve always loved being by the ocean and could see myself somewhere warm and sunny year round. I also love to travel and wanted to come back to the northeast frequently to visit friends and family and to conduct business with clients, so being located to a major airport was a requirement.

I’ve recently been shifting towards working with my clients remotely as to be able to travel and work from anywhere. I had visited the Tampa area numerous times and loved it and was at a point with my business where I could run nearly everything virtually. Clarity Finances, originally located in the Northeast and like many others, decided to pack up and move to Florida.


This is not actually my car and dog.


If you think that you would miss such Northeast staples like Wawa, Primo Hoagies and Yuengling fear not as these comforts from home are available in Florida. Yuengling even has a brewery in Tampa. If anything, these businesses are expanding their reach in Florida due to the number of people moving to the Sunshine State from the northeast.

If you’re now thinking about making the move to the Sunshine State yourself, these links may help: