I’m proud to announce that I am now officially part of the Profit First family! As you might have read in previous blog posts, I am a huge fan of the Profit First Method and the works of Mike Michalowicz. At the end of last October I attended ProfitCon16. I wrote about it in my blog here. For those unfamiliar with the Profit First Method, it is a system for businesses of all sizes that flips the scrip on how a business can be run. Leading up to the event I was excited for the networking opportunity and the chance to learn something new that I can implement in both my business and those of my clients.

Like I said in my post reflecting on my times at ProfitCon16, it was high-energy, entertaining and inspiring. I wanted to learn more about the Profit First Method so I figured the next step was certification. By fall of this year, I will be a certified Profit First Professional.

My goal is to apply the principles of the Profit First Method to Clarity Finances and to the businesses of my clients. I am already seeing the rewards from my membership in the networking opportunities offered by the Profit First community. The Profit First network is not just present in my local business communities; it has a global reach, which is another big factor in my pursuit of becoming certified.

I’m also proud to announce that this is the 10th year of operation for Clarity Finances! The past ten years have been amazing and I’ve got to work with some wonderful people along the way and I look forward to the future.

I’m also preparing for another big milestone, but my son is doing this one. In May, my son will graduate from Cabrini University. Just like his mom, he has worked hard throughout these past years for his degree, has had great experiences and made numerous friends. Like me, his eyes are on the future and what lies ahead and I couldn’t be more proud of him. I’ll also be attending Scaling New Heights in June of this year. This is a conference for accountants and bookkeepers that use QuickBooks in their business. This year, it is being held in Orlando, which gives me an opportunity to also check out Epcot and the World of Disney. In keeping up with philanthropic efforts, I’ll also be going on a short-term mission trip to Alabama in June.

If you have further interest in the works of Mike Michalowicz or Profit First, you can buy his books on Amazon.com or reach out to me and I’d love to discuss.