Social Media Automation for Digital Newbies

by | Feb 11, 2016

There’s no point in repeating similar tasks every day while the same can be done almost effortlessly and with ease. Being time-strapped is probably a common phenomenon especially if you have more than one task to juggle every day. Now is the time when you just have to bow to technology and embrace the power of social media automation.

You have every reason as a content marketer to switch to social media automation. Social media automation is an excellent strategy that not only ensures that you are efficient, but you spend more time doing what you love every day. It is of particular importance when you are a budding entrepreneur with a lot more tasks to juggle.

While social media tools are truly coming of age, they are becoming even more useful. However, remember that this automation will condense that eight hours into a few minutes especially when proper steps are taken.

Steps to Effective Social Media Automation.

The social media has gradually grown into what virtually everyone embraces today. Facebook, besides Twitter, serve to feed everyone with information in real time, not to mention the freedom associated with each of these sites. With a social media tool, you will be conveniently and intelligently sharing information. First, you must consider the following.

  • Understand when it is perfect to turn the automation on and off
  • Choosing the right tool to do the automation
  • Creating the right schedule for automation including how long the process will last
  • Monitoring the ensuing conversation

Do’s & Don’t.

While even the most influential online marketers have embraced this art, it is without a doubt that this culture, especially when unmonitored, can breed laziness. Remember that your audience isn’t composed of machines and computers but rather humans. Human experience can’t be automated, and thus you must know when to start and when to stop.

The best material to automate can be those funny evergreen posts and tweets. Additionally, quotes and spiritual verses attached to a photo can be better automated. Remember that with automation of blog posts via the social media will be ideal if the post is unpublished, interesting and meant to gather a wider following.

Since social media automation is an excellent tool for anyone who multi-tasks, it can be great turning it on when you will not be available to curate and distribute content. You might be probably going for a month-long vacation. You will be confident that your followers won’t miss a thing while you will be offline.

Avoid the “one size fits all” approach.

it can not only be unprofessional but detrimental. Twitter allows a certain number of characters, often fewer than Facebook and LinkedIn’s. Schedule each of them according to their respective requirements, similar to sending direct messages.

Similar to when you are publishing them on your own, proofreading and analyzing the content before it goes online is prudent. Many social media analytics tools monitor the performance of the posts while proofreading is similar to vetting to decide if the content delivers the intended message or not.

Great Social Media Automation Tools.

Hootsuite is perhaps the most used social media automation platform. It boasts of over 10 million active users as it meticulously manages your social media presence. Since you can start free, integrating it with your blog as well as the numerous social media accounts and managing conversations from your dashboard are some of the features associated with this tool. I currently use it to manage all but 1 of my client’s social media marketing.

Sprout Social with its sleek and easy to navigate user interface is another great social media automation tool. For anyone keen on using Twitter, this tool is great for monitoring hashtags albeit it is potent for regular social media marketing jobs.

Social Oomph is a free automation tool that works great in monitoring your social media automation strategy. It allows unlimited usage of Facebook and LinkedIn and follows your Twitter account as well. They have a bi-weekly payment option which is ideal for digital newbies with small. budgets.

Buffer is another prominent social media automation tool. Remember the all but one client mentioned above? This is what she uses. I love Hootsuite but Buffer is certainly a close second. Besides being free for all, it is easy to use with the option of integrating multiple Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. In fact, it easily fits with

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