Identifying Your Ideal Client: An Assessment in Clarity

by | Sep 9, 2015

Identifying who you want to serve is the most important part of your business because if you don’t discover who your ideal client is, you won’t know who to target. You might think it is as easy as just naming a few characteristics such as people who are entrepreneurs or someone that wants to lose weight. No, you have to dive in much deeper than that to what it is that your ideal client truly wants to accomplish. You MUST know what they have been through, what they are going through, & where they want to be.

The more you know and understand who your dream client is, the easier it will be craft engaging social media content + position your product in a way that makes him/her say ”OMG I so need this!” (if your dream client is a guy I doubt he’ll repeat that exact phrase, but you get the point).

Ideal Client: Someone you LOVE working with + Someone who LOVES what you have to offer!

  • Knowing your ideal client will shape your brand for you
  • It shapes your message, the way you speak, and
  • It certainly shapes your social media marketing

Let’s see what we can discover about your ideal client!

Answering the following questions will not only put you on the right track to knowing who you are targeting, but it will also put you ahead of your competitors who have not considered these questions.

  1. Where is he or she right now in life? What does their life look like? You want to isolate where they are now in comparison to where they want to be and describe to how their current situation makes them feel. This will show them that you understand.
  2. Who do they want to become? Take for instance, a woman who is not pleased with her physical appearance and wants to lose weight. She might want to become a woman who makes her health a priority and accomplishes this by proper meal planning, eating right, and making exercise non-negotiable.
  3. What is it that they do NOT like about their current situation?
  4. What makes them tick?  (Think about the final/last straw that pushed you over the edge and made you say…”F” this, I am going to do….X,Y, & Z.)
  5. What sort of hardships have they overcome?
  6. What are his or her interest?
  7. What other pages does your ideal follow? Why? (Peep around in the comments section. You’ll be surprised at what type of intel you can pick up about your client)
  8. What are the main reasons someone might be searching for your services/products? If you thoroughly answered the questions above, you can easily answer this one. What problems does your product or service solve? 

If you have questions or just want to network with like minded people, then drop by the Young, Wise & Free Community. 

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