How to Create High-Quality Content

by | Sep 5, 2015

Valuable, engaging, reader-friendly, and high-quality content is what will make potential customers & followers flock to your website and/or blog- repeatedly. If constructed properly, high-quality content will not only engage your readers but they will share your info without you asking. Here are 8 tips to assist you in creating high-quality content.

  1.   Length of the content.

Deciding how long you want your content to be is can be tricky. Off course Google prefers long form content which covers all aspects of whichever topic you are writing about.

However, mobile phones have already overtaken desktop in the online arena as over 60% of internet users use their phones to go online. I personally think this is based on the preference of your ideal client and ultimately your audience.

So, why not just ask them?

Poll s decent size sample of people who fit in your target audience and reflect their preference in your copy to produce high-quality content. 

  1.    Be Yourself.

Everyone else is already taken. Besides its a very good chance you do not have a monopoly on your topic so you need to standout and being YOU is the best way to do that. Write the way you speak and record your videos as your authentic self.

You will attract and retain a loyal following as people prefer someone they can relate to as opposed to someone they view as flaky or fake. If you are a silly, fun-loving type of person be sure your content reflects that! 😉


  1.    Content originality.

Duplicate content or syndicated pages in your website will more than likely be noted as spam by algorithm. Ensure originality in every page. Also ensure that your content is up to date. High quality content can be used over 10 years. This will enable you to get backlinks and searchers will know that your site is a reliable source of quality content.

  1.    Content visibility (images, videos, info graphics and other media).

I know it is easier to create quality content with no images, visual content outperforms text-only content. Visual content attracts inbound links, social media shares and engagement. More than 40% of internet users will respond to visual content as opposed to plain text.


  1.   Content grammar and spelling.

High quality content must have no grammatical and spelling errors. We all make mistakes so I’ll lighten up a bit. Professionally written content is perceived to be trustworthy and will attract visitors to your website. 

While we’d like to have no errors, sometimes they slip through the cracks. Just be sure to have another pair of eyes take a look at your copy or you can have someone at to proof read it for you.


  1.   Proper page and text formatting.

Majority of your website visitors will consume the content by scanning and skimming. Formatting your content using bullets, numbers, bolds, italics, paraphrases, headers and subheaders makes it attractive, easy to read and suitable for skimming. Google’s algorithm is so much advanced and can detect poor content formatting which can lead to down ranking.

  1.   Linking.

Including links in your content is essential. However, avoid too many links as they make your content lose its value. Using homepage and other relevant links adds value to your content.

  1.   References and sources.

Google’s algorithm detects contents with no sources. Similarly, most internet users prefer content with references. Do not just place content on your site without indicating where it came from especially if it did not come from you.

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