Part of becoming an Evolved Enterprise is knowing why you do what you do. Most entrepreneurs do not start their own businesses just for the money. Yes, we all have bills to pay but there is usually passion behind the decision. For me it is helping business owners grow their companies by removing confusion in the finance tracking process. My passion is to inspire growing businesses to give more through collaboration. We are better together.

When you do a little soul searching in your business, you get a better understanding of your why. In the text of Evolved Enterprise Yanik Silver lists 11 different types of Evolved Enterprises that he calls Impact Business Models. For example, Impact Business Model #1 is a one for one business like TOMS Shoes. I encourage you to read the text to see the rest of the list and what Impact Model your business most resembles. And on a personal note—I love TOMS Shoes!

After examining my business from the outside in, I would say that Clarity Finances most resembles Model #3. A Model # 3 business gives a percentage or dollar amount to charity. This is one of the most common Impact Models for companies committed to making a difference. In the past, Clarity Finances has given 10% of revenue to a variety of charitable organizations, including Rotary International and The Unstoppable Foundation. This year we will be supporting Answered Prayers Project.

I also find myself trying to figure out ways to implement Model #4. Model #4 is two parted and based off giving what you want and where you want. The first part of giving what you want is more about giving customers a choice to donate what they want like at pay it forward restaurants like Karma Kitchen. The second part of Model #4 is donating where you want. Some companies will offer customers a corresponding charity with a certain product. I am leaning more towards a donation of services or education with this since Clarity Finances provides services rather than products.

When I learn of other businesses that have a similar mindset towards giving I welcome the opportunity for collaboration. I believe entrepreneurs working together really can change the world!