I went to Orlando for the Podfest Multimedia Expo from February 8-10th. Podcasts seem to be all the rage today and while I do not have a podcast for Clarity Finances, I have appeared as a guest on a couple of podcasts and listen to a few podcasts for my own personal enjoyment.

My first guest appearance on a podcast really was spur of the moment. I was at a class with Shawn Yesner and he was talking about his podcast Crushing Debt and he asked me if I’d like to be on his show. Since Clarity Finances and Profit First are all about crushing debt, I said I’d do it. The building that we were attending the class had recording equipment so we just recorded right there, simple as that. Although my appearance is short, I still had fun. If you’d like to listen to the episode, I appear on episode 90.

The second time that I was on a podcast was scheduled in advance so I had a little more time to prepare. Sam Belyea does his podcasts at the Foot Reflexology Institute and he does a Zoom and Facebook Live video for his students while recording the podcast at the same time. This was a longer conversation than my previous appearance on a podcast and we talked about bookkeeping tips for start-ups and the Profit First Method. We also talked about some ways to keep an eye on your finances without doing the bookkeeping yourself. And lastly, we talked about a common interest of ours, giving. I am not really used to being on camera, but once I was able to ignore the cameras, it was just a conversation between Sam and I.

If I am fortunate enough to be invited as a guest on another podcast I’d like to talk more on some practices that promote financial healing and why entrepreneurs should be givers.

I did just sign up for shared office space at CoCreativ that has a recording center where podcasts could be done so may be you’ll be seeing an official Clarity Finances podcast in the near future.