I wrote briefly on the core values of Clarity Finances in my last blog post and wanted to expand on those values a little more in this post. Awhile back I sat down and actually thought about the core values of my business and myself and wrote them down. I’m trying to make Clarity Finances more of an Evolved Enterprise and to do that I must identify my core values. The following core values represent a culture that I want present at Clarity Finances. I also want to work with people of a similar mindset.



In my core values love is about connection. This a connection with others, not just clients but those in my community. To be able to connect with others you need to keep an open heart and an open mind. Another way of showing love is by giving forward and giving back like I talked about in my last post. Giving does not just mean donating time or money, in this sense it can also mean giving people your full attention. In this day and age of distraction it is important to give people your full attention. This shows people that you value them and their time. It is important that I love my clients. I want them to love working with me. No one needs more stress, especially financial stress.



To me, integrity means doing what you say you’re going to do and keeping commitments. Having accountability is a large part of integrity to me too. I work in an industry that wouldn’t exist without integrity and the truth- bookkeeping. There is truth in numbers and the books from your business should speak the truth about your money.



How can I explain who God is to me? I believe that he has created me for a purpose and that he guides my decisions based off my purpose. He is always with me. I am happy to have a loving God that wants to best for all of us. At its core, I see my purpose as to love others and to share this love and the love of God.



Health to me is physical, mental and spiritual. I do my best to eat well, exercise and get enough sleep at night. Exercise can either be at the gym or out in nature. When I’m taking a hike in nature I feel in a bit of a meditative state. This is the best form of meditation for me as I find it difficult to sit still for long periods of time. Health can tie in to love; if we love ourselves we can love others. We all have our guilty pleasures but we need to pay attention to our bodies.



I want to try to keep outdoing myself. I want to keep improving and learning more. I ask myself questions like: How can I help more people? How can I make things better for my clients? How can I work smarter? By constantly seeking to improve myself I feel like I am always adding value to my business.