I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! This federally recognized holiday gives many people across the country the day off. While we use this free time to reconnect with friends and family, attend parades and watch fireworks at night, we should also be reflective.

We are fortunate to live in this country. Compared to other countries, our country could still be considered in its infancy. In a relatively short period of time, the United States has risen to its current status. In a country of 300+ million people, we will not agree on everything. In today’s climate, things seem particularly divisive. No matter for whom you vote or what is in your Netflix cue, I would like to think that the majority of us still love this country.

As I’ve highlighted in a few of the most recent Clarity Finances newsletters, there seems to be a shift in consumer culture. Over the past few decades many of the Mom & Pop stores were replaced by the chain stores and strip malls. Now there seems to be more emphasis on patronizing local businesses. As a fellow small business owner, I love to see other small businesses get recognition.

I love the freedom that comes with having my own business. I am free to create the culture I want for my business, free to add services to my company, free to decide to donate 10 percent of revenues to charity, free to choose to which charity I donate, free to choose who I work with, free to be flexible with my schedule and free to travel without the boss’s approval just to name a few. It also means I am responsible for any results good or bad; but I am ok with that!

When I was a kid the Fourth of July varied from year to year but only between two options: spending the weekend with family at Long Beach Island, New Jersey with the days spent on the beach and watching people set off fireworks at night or staying in Narberth, Pennsylvania and hanging out with friends at events that went on all day at the playground. I think Narberth still has some of the best fireworks in the area.

My immediate future holds a lot of traveling. I’ll be back in PA from July 13-16 to celebrate my birthday. From June 16-19 I have a business retreat at Bay Head, NJ. I’ll be back to Downingtown, PA from July 20-24 to celebrate my son Tom’s birthday and to see some clients. The last week of July will be a lot of catching up back in Tampa.


Here’s to a fruitful rest of the summer,