A good bookkeeper is no leprechaun, but they can also help you find a pot of gold. Well, not a literal pot of gold of course, but a figurative pot of gold that represents the money you will save by using the services of a professional bookkeeper.

Part of being a business owner is being a leader, and a critical skill to have in a position of leadership is delegation. A form of delegation can be outsourcing or contracting. Just as with other services that you contract out as a business owner like electrical work, sanitation, or IT, bookkeeping may not be your expertise. By contracting out your accounting work to a bookkeeper, you will have more time and resources to devote to your other tasks, which saves you both time and money.

In fact, according do a Forbes article, “Finance and accounting is one of the first processes that companies outsource.” Contracting out work is not just for large companies. No matter what the size of your business, you can find a bookkeeper that suits your needs.

Even if you have a basic knowledge of accounting products like QuickBooks and manage to do your bookkeeping yourself, a good bookkeeper will have a greater depth of knowledge in these and other programs. Professional bookkeepers have access to software that can give more accurate, specific data and metrics.

Another service that bookkeepers provide that can lead you to your pot of gold is getting your books ready for tax preparation. By having your books done professionally, you ensure greater accuracy, and no one gets you ready for tax preparation like a good bookkeeper.

A good bookkeeper can help your business at any point in time and lead you to your pot of gold, whether it is during the start-up stage or once you are up and running with reconciliation, payroll, and regular financial planning.

Here’s to you finding your pot of gold … Happy St. Paddy’s Day! *

*Bonus fact for the road: The proper spelling when using the shorthand like “St. Paddy’s Day” is the shortened version of the Irish name Padraig. Patty with two “Ts” is considered the shortened version for the female name Patricia.