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Although the official Employee Appreciation Day is on the first Friday of March and showing appreciation to your employees can be done any time of the year, the holiday season provides the perfect time to show gratitude to your employees.

It’s the end of the year, and with all the other stressors that come with the holidays, it is essential to keep moral high and finish the year strong.

Throwing a holiday party is a common way that employers can show gratitude to their employees. You could have the party catered, cook for your employees or even offer to have the party as a potluck where the willing can show off their culinary skills. If you are not in the position to throw a big party or give out large monetary bonuses, gestures such as a hand written notes or genuine conversation can suffice because they are on an interpersonal level.

Setting a more relaxing tone can also be a way of expressing your thanks to employees during the end of the year. A positive office atmosphere keeps moral high and your employees satisfied, which in turn spurs quality work from your employees. They sense your appreciation and that you are all in this together. You can do such things as relaxing your dress code or even offering the opportunity to wear festive holiday attire. The little kid in us all loves an early dismissal, so closing the office a little earlier would most likely be welcome by all.

With all the ways out there to express gratitude to your employees from bonuses, to holiday parties and catered lunches, sometimes nothing beats a sincere “Thank You.”

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