The next few blog posts from Clarity Finances will be a review series on the book Evolved Enterprise by Yanik Silver. While doing a sort of review of the book, I’ll go over how the principles taught in Evolved Enterprise are applied to what I do at Clarity Finances and how you too can use these same principles. Now why am I doing this series?

I am passionate about giving. I also believe entrepreneurs, giving entrepreneurs, are key to healing the planet. One of the amazing things about giving strategically through our businesses is the increase that can occur to all parties; the businesses can become more profitable and more people are helped. These types of stories can inspire others to join, which is how I stumbled upon the book Evolved Enterprise. It truly spoke to me, a businessperson who wants to do well for my business and through that success, pass it on and give back to others.

Throughout the course of my blog posts I’ll tell you my personal story of how I use the teachings in Evolved Enterprise at Clarity Finances. Evolved Enterprise is such a valuable resource so I highly recommend you get a copy of the book yourself. If you are a current client of Clarity Finances and the book sounds like something you may like, let me know and I will get you a copy. I plan on buying a few more copies myself to give out to those that are interested. If you do want to purchase your own copy of the book, follow this link.

If you are not familiar with the methods of Evolved Enterprise or the book’s author Yanik Silver, don’t worry. We’ll be learning together over the course of these blog posts. Yanik is an author, entrepreneur and an overall inspiring gentleman. He is the founder of Maverick 1000, “a private, invite-only global network of top entrepreneurs and industry leaders.” If the name Yanik Silver doesn’t ring a bell may be Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hawk or Russell Simmons sound familiar. These are just a few of the top people in the world of business with whom Silver collaborates.

As Silver has built up his own group of like-minded business people, I am hoping to do something similar here albeit on a small scale. Feedback and communication will be a key part of this series so send me an email with your thoughts, comment on the blog posts and look for a groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that I plan to create to connect others as I share my thoughts.