I hope everyone’s summer is off to a hot start because mine sure is. On June 12 I attended Profit First’s Convocation a their headquarters in Boonton, New Jersey. While there I was able to talk with Mike Michalowicz, the creator of The Profit First Method and the author of some of my favorite books on financial advice. I was also able to meet with Rob Saharyn, the co-founder of Profit First. About a dozen of us were there for the event and were given a private tour of the headquarters, which was on the third floor of a repurposed factory. The building was beautiful with exposed brick and a modern design throughout. I also got to network with other Certified Profit First Professionals like myself. In fact, there are less than 200 individuals who are Certified Profit First Professionals but part of the event was discussing how we could get the word out on this program. Speaking of Profit First, I will be attending ProfitCON in September. This will be my second time at the event.

Earlier this month, I attended Scaling New Heights. This was my fourth time at the event and I am already signed up for next year’s event. Scaling New Heights is run by Woodard, a company that advises small business owners. This year’s event was “Face the Yeti,” which focused on facing your fears as a business owner. We had five different areas that we could focus on improving such as keeping up with technology and finding and retaining the right clients. I also learned more about an automated receipt bank used for data entry and T sheets.

With my birthday in July, I decided to get myself a little gift that is good for me personally and for my business. I am attending a business retreat at the Jersey Shore from June 16-19. This oceanside retreat has been dubbed “Mediate & Mastermind” and we will be staying at a bed and breakfast on Bay Head Beach.

Also in July I will be graduating from the Ignite Your Business Program. This program is offered by Asentiv, a company that helps entrepreneurs and small business owners like myself improve their networking and referral marketing.

Here’s to a fruitful and fun summer!