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Mission: Possible

  Have you ever heard of Eutaw? No, that is not a typo. I am talking about Eutaw, Alabama of course. This is where I was from June 9th-15th with  Relevant Church of Ybor City, Floridafor a mission trip. This was my first mission trip with the church while this...

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The Process

  When I decided to start my own bookkeeping business, I needed a name. There’s a lot in a name. In its most basic sense, this is the simplest way that a business can identify itself. Numbers are something that can make some people uneasy. Since numbers do not...

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Research & Development

“Every block of stone has a statue inside it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Michelangelo     What do I need to do today to move my business forward? I ask this question to myself often. Running a business, among many things, is a...

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The Why

Part of becoming an Evolved Enterprise is knowing why you do what you do. Most entrepreneurs do not start their own businesses just for the money. Yes, we all have bills to pay but there is usually passion behind the decision. For me it is helping business owners grow...

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  I wrote briefly on the core values of Clarity Finances in my last blog post and wanted to expand on those values a little more in this post. Awhile back I sat down and actually thought about the core values of my business and myself and wrote them down. I’m...

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Giving Back and Giving Forward

When I think of what an Evolved Enterprise is and how Clarity Finances can become more of an Evolved Enterprise, I think of leveraging my business for good. This ‘leveraging business for good’ stuff though does not encapsulate the totality of an Evolved Enterprise. In...

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