Your Financial Assessment

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1. I have a caring bookkeeper who communicates with me regularly to keep me up to date on my finances.
2. I have an efficient bookkeeping system that gives me the info I need when I need it.
3. I have a bookkeeper who has my info ready to go for filing my taxes on time.
4. My bookkeeper alerts me to transactions and spending that is not typical to protect me from fraud or overspending.
5. I have access to great tax preparers, CPAs, CFOs and financial advisors who I know I can trust.
6. I have access to additional programs and services and strategies that help me increase revenue via marketing and social media.
7. I work with other businesses who look to collaborate on mutually beneficial projects.
8. I am connected to a team building/human resource expert who helps me to be clear on the additional help I need and how to hire the right team members the first time.
9. I have a Profit First Professional who helps me set and hit profit goals using a proven system.
10. I am part of a community of other business owners who use the Profit First system who hold me accountable and celebrate my wins.
11. I have expert advisors to help me invest the profits as they increase.
12. The Profit First system has the right mix of structure and flexibility to shift and grow with my business while keeping the focus on having a profitable healthy business.
13. I have a guide who brainstorms/helps implement ways to increase revenue with me.
14. I have a guide who helps me systematize a process for saving more money.
15. I have guidance for growing my money.
16. I donate regularly to the causes that matter most to me.
17. I have a standard ritual to keep my mind focused and energized.
18. I am proactive to take new actions to achieve new results
19. I am focused on growth and make it a priority
20. I invest in my growth and development.
21. I follow faith over fear.
22. I focus on what I can control.
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